From a very young age, I was a mover. I was involved in many sports, however dancing was what captured my heart and it was through dance that I found Pilates. Pilates helped me discover my true passion and fascination with movement. I fell in love with the idea of helping others learn about their bodies and opening their eyes to the world of movement through Pilates. 


I received my full mat and apparatus certification through STOTT Pilates in 2006. Since then I have furthered my knowledge with leaders in movement Eli Thompson, Rebekah Rotstein and Erika Bloom, among others. I have taken numerous continuing education courses touching on relevant topics such as:

  • Pilates for scoliosis
  • Athletic training
  • Pre and post natal pilates
  • Biomechanics
  • Anatomy trains for manual therapists
  • Pilates for golfers


For five years I worked with a physical therapy practice teaching post-rehab pilates. It gave me the opportunity to work with and learn from clients that had undergone hip, shoulder and knee replacement, spinal fusion, stenosis, ankle reconstruction, neuropathy and various other ailments.  


Throughout my ten year teaching journey, I have found that the best education comes from experience. Learning and listening to my clients bodies and addressing their individual needs allows me to connect and bring about lasting results.